Air Conditioning repair

While many AC repair situations aren’t this extreme, every air conditioner breakdown seems like it requires top prioritization. In the middle of your city summers, it really is important to keep your air conditioner running smoothly and without troubles.

Chimney Repair

Every year, thousands of families fall victim to dangerous house fires – many of which could have been easily prevented. We understand the importance of proper chimney and fireplace installation and maintenance and are dedicated to keeping your family healthy and safe.


Trusted and reliable, Cuyahoga Handyman offers plumbing services for your kitchen, bathroom and more.

Bathroom repair

From shower tile and drywall repair to laying ceramic flooring and more, Cuyahoga Handyman can help with all your bathroom repairs, maintenance and improvements.


Our professional handyman services extend the life of existing, quality crafted carpentry through minor repairs, as well as installing many of the wood finishing details that make homes more valuable.

Deck Finishing

Do you want to spend summer evenings relaxing in the twilight with a drink, some food, and some family and friends? Cuyahoga Handyman can seal, stain, paint, power wash, sand, clean or fix your deck.

Deck Repair

A nice home deck provides a beautiful and relaxing spot for you and your family to enjoy the outdoors. Our professional handymen are ready to help you with all your deck repair and deck maintenance needs.

Drywall Service

Cuyahoga Handyman’s drywall contractors have seen it all: cracks from settling, general structural wear and tear, holes in the walls and moisture damage in humid bathrooms. Our drywall contractors arrive ready to work on the project until you’re satisfied.

Door Installation

Main entryways add curb appeal as well as protection for homeowners. Our Cuyahoga
Handyman services range from installing an exterior door to painting it.


Plumbing and electrical services should be handled by a professional. From updating fixtures in your bathroom or kitchen to making basic electrical upgrades, call Cuyahoga Handyman for your residential

Energy Efficient

Guarding your home against air infiltration can save money on heating bills and make your home more energy efficient.

Faucet Repair

Did you know that a leaky faucet may point to other plumbing issues that could result in significant water damage? Cuyahoga Handyman takes a proactive approach to all home repairs.

Faucet Repair

Did you know that a leaky faucet may point to other plumbing issues that could result in significant water damage? Cuyahoga Handyman takes a proactive approach to all home repairs.

Fixture Installation

Cuyahoga Handyman is your professional installer for all home fixtures, including everything from ceiling fans to new sinks and faucets. Call your local Cuyahoga Handyman to request service today.


Cuyahoga Handyman can help keep your flooring in great condition through major and minor repair work, or by installing the floor of your choice.


Cuyahoga Handyman helps organize and clean your garage, along with other many other home improvement projects.

Home Maintenance

Call Cuyahoga Handyman today for all your home maintenance service needs. We handle home maintenance, so you can spend time on what matters.


Beautiful, well-maintained kitchens add a lot of value to your home. Our handyman services keep this important room looking its best through major and minor repairs.


Our professional Cuyahoga Handyman services can help with a lot of the outdoor home repairs and installations that you just don’t have time to do.


Whether you need seasonal painting touchups or more extensive painting work, our Cuyahoga Handyman services specialize in all of it.

Professional Deck Cleaning

Professional deck cleaning by Cuyahoga Handyman will have your deck looking brand new! Enjoy the beautiful weather on your professionally cleaned deck, thanks to your local Cuyahoga Handyman.

Window Installation

In a 10-to 20-year period, general wear and tear can break down the efficiency of your windows. Cuyahoga Handyman makes residential window repair and installation home visits that improve your house’s overall value.

Window Repair

Residential window repair from Cuyahoga Handyman addresses many window frame repair issues for a variety of window types. In older homes, these repairs are often made to a remaining wood window, where any instances of splintered wood need to be repaired.

Furnace Repair

Service Experts furnace repair technicians are prepared for any type of heating repair, whether your furnace is electric, gas, duel fuel, heat pump, oil or a boiler. We have all the tools and knowledge needed to get the job done right the first time.