Outdoor Home Repairs

Cuyahoga Handyman solves all your outdoor home repair needs in one phone call. From mending fences, making deck repairs, exterior door installation and much more, our professional handyman services provide quality home repairs and work you can rely on.

No job is too big or too small for Cuyahoga Handyman. Common seasonal maintenance work includes the following:

  • Fences: Let Cuyahoga Handyman be your fence contractor. Our professionally trained handymen can install and repair a wide variety of fences.
  • Doors: From exterior door installation to putting in a pet door, Cuyahoga Handyman is an experienced door installer.
  • Stucco: Cuyahoga Handyman can perform professional stucco repair on the exterior of your home as well as fix any interior stucco finishes.
  • Power Washing: Remove hard to remove dirt and stains with power washing services by Cuyahoga Handyman.
  • Deck Maintenance: Maximize your deck usage by hiring Cuyahoga Handyman to repair, clean, or finish your deck.
  • Outdoor Home Maintenance: Don’t see a service listed that you need done? Ask Cuyahoga Handyman! We perform a range of outdoor maintenance services, from fixing siding, wood rot and dry rot, damaged soffits and fascia to performing exterior caulking and sealing, and repairing ice damage

For Cuyahoga Handyman’s professional home repair contractors, it’s important that every job is completed efficiently. When we prioritize your outdoor home repairs, we’ll complete tasks in an order that makes sense. That means our professional handyman won’t be sitting around waiting for the paint to dry. Instead, we’ll get that exterior door installed, tackle that rotted-out wood project, or clean that bird’s nest out of your eaves and make the soffits and fascia like new. Each task on your home repairs “To-Do” list is completed by professionals who believe in our slogan: On time. Done right.

Seasonal Maintenance

Many minor deck repairs or other tasks become seasonal maintenance that improves the overall value of your home. Cuyahoga Handyman helps with a variety of seasonal maintenance tasks including: window repair, pressure washing, doors, insulation and weather stripping, painting touch ups,rain gutter cleaning, rain gutter repair and gutter guard installation.

By properly cleaning and sealing decks, making rain gutter repairs and having other seasonal maintenance performed, like fixing siding damaged by summer heat and storms, you’re saving money by avoiding larger, costly repairs down the road. When expensive home repairs add up, we all know the work is more difficult to afford, takes more time, and affects your home’s value.

Depend on Cuyahoga Handyman’s reliable, professional handyman services to help maintain your home’s value. One call completes all outdoor home repairs and seasonal maintenance, including rain gutter installations and cleanings, deck maintenance and repairs, as well as exterior door installation and a variety of other odd jobs.

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