Garage Home Improvement Projects

Don’t forget, Cuyahoga Handyman can help with projects outside your home too, including your garage. Garage organization is on everyone’s “To Do” list, but for most homeowners, the garage is the last place to get organized.

If you need additional storage space, shelving installed or even help moving boxes from your garage to your attic, let Cuyahoga Handyman lend a helping hand.

For instance, Cuyahoga Handyman can hang storage units in one area for tools and install hooks in another for lawn gear, rakes and shovels. Our skilled technicians can help with everything from mounting a wall or ceiling rack for bicycles to installing a new garage side door or replacing a window pane on a garage window.

Let Cuyahoga Handyman help you transform a cluttered garage into a clean and organized space…all you have to do is make one simple phone call to 1-877-MRHANDYMAN.

Garage Maintenance Tips

Garage door giving you trouble? Clutter driving you crazy? Windows leaking? Roof leaking? These problems and more are well within the realm of expertise of your local professional handyman. If you’re taking on the task of garage organization, consider the following tips:

  • Sort. Go through each item in your garage and put them in different categories: gardening, sports equipment, tools, decorations, donations, etc.
  • Clean. With the floor clear, consider applying an epoxy finish.
  • Install. Measure and purchase a storage system, then put items from each category in the appropriate spot. Installing cabinets is also a good idea for out-of-sight storage.

For professional help, call on Cuyahoga Handyman. Our professionals will come to you, check out your “To Do” list and take care of everything—no job is too small. We can install storage closets or overhead storage space, organize what exists in your garage now and perform all manner of maintenance tasks, all in our ongoing effort to improve the quality of your life.

Contact Cuyahoga Handyman today with all of your around the house projects and home repairs. You’ll be glad you did!

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