Door Installation, Maintenance & Repair

Doors are gateways to and throughout your home. A malfunctioning door can ruin the flow of your home quickly. In addition to that, a beautiful door that fits perfectly within your home’s décor will save energy and is something that will not go unnoticed by your friends and family. This is where door maintenance and door installation come into play.

Mr. Handyman is a capable and professional door installer who can take care of your interior, exterior, storm and pet door needs. Mr. Handyman repairs, maintains and installs exterior and interior doors of every shape and size. Our professional handyman services increase your home’s efficiency by replacing or repairing cracked or broken interior and exterior doors, including:

  • Storm
  • Sliding glass
  • French doors
  • Many others

We also add value and curb appeal by painting and installing the exterior doors of your choosing.

Seize your opportunity to make your home more efficient and valuable by hiring our professional handyman services for your next door installation project.

Professional Door Installation Makes Your Home Efficient

Improperly sealed doors cause air infiltration that raises your heating and cooling costs. For example, installing an exterior door without cracks, holes or large gaps between the ground and the door, will prevent heat or air conditioning from escaping. Also, proper storm door installation adds an additional layer of protection against escaping air.

When you notice your interior or exterior doors need a new coat of paint or replacement, call on Cuyahoga  Handyman door installation services. We install doors of all shapes and sizes for a more efficient and valuable home.

Preferred Pet Door Installer

When it comes to pet door installation, Cuyahoga Handyman is a preferred installer of Plexidor Performance Pet Doors. These interior and exterior door installations are easy additions that help pets gain easy access to the garage, basement and/or outdoors. This reduces door repairs by minimizing scratches and other damage pets often make.

Whether installing a pet door, or adding French doors to your master bedroom suite, Cuyahoga Handyman door installation services provide quality work in just one phone call.

Door Installation and Maintenance Advice

  • Order carefully. When purchasing a glass patio door, make sure there is 8–12 inches of frame at the floor to help prevent people from kicking the glass. Also, each movable door panel should have a lock that can be keyed.
  • Check regularly. A couple times a year check for faulty weather stripping and make sure your doors are operating correctly. Once you spot a problem, take care of it before significant damage can occur.
  • Measure correctly. When ordering a replacement door, make sure it is the same size. If you want a smaller door, then plan on putting in more exterior and interior framing, which can be difficult to install. For larger doors, more framing is required to support its larger size.

With Cuyahoga Handyman, you have a professional that is ready and willing to take on any home repair issue that you may have with your home’s doors. Additionally, if you have a need for a new storm door or exterior door, our pros will come to your home, take note of your vision and get to work.

When the work is complete, you will have a door that works, both in function and with your décor.

The choices for this sort of home maintenance are many, especially with new doors. The hardware, from the knob assembly to the hinges, all come in many differing styles. And doors themselves come in all manner of designs, shapes and sizes. Learn how to make an impression with your door.

Trust Cuyahoga Handyman with your home repair and maintenance “To Do” list. Contact us for your door installation needs. We can do it all!

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