Deck Finishing, Maintenance & Repair

Do you want to spend summer evenings relaxing in the twilight with a drink, some food, and some family and friends? Spending time on the deck when it’s warm outside is a favorite activity enjoyed by many. Make sure you’re prepared to make the most of your outdoor space by calling Cuyahoga Handyman.

Cuyahoga Handyman can seal, stain, paint, power wash, sand, clean or fix your deck. Whether it’s loose boards, tired surfaces, or just plain dirt, one call to Cuyahoga Handyman does it all.

Professional Deck Finishing Services

It is recommended that you clean and seal your deck every year. When you call Cuyahoga Handyman, he can perform a number of services, including:

  • Repair: Decks need to be fixed from time to time. Before power washing and sealing, have Cuyahoga Handyman address broken boards, loose railings, or other damage caused by fire, rot, ice, or other common culprits. Learn more about deck repair.
  • Sanding, Sealing or Staining: Your deck wears down each year because of sun exposure and harsh weather. An annual seal will help prepare it for the upcoming year, and if the color of your deck has faded, then staining is also a good choice. Learn more about our painting/staining services.
  • Cleaning: Before Cuyahoga Handyman seals your deck, it is a good idea to power wash. Cuyahoga Handyman performs power washing services (also known as pressure washing) that remove built-up dirt and debris. Learn more about our power washing services and professional deck cleaning.

Cuyahoga Handyman can also tackle the other projects on your “To Do” list, like bathroom tile installation or drywall repair! Call us today to see how we can help you with your list.

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